New Dethlehm Kickstarter Going Strong!
Check out the video and link below to pledge money to our Kickstarter! We're trying to finish our 3rd album, so essentially treating this as a pre-order will be beneficial for everyone!

Introducing the Dethlehem Foam Battle Sword 9000!
Here at Dethlehem Headquarters, we've been hard at work developing the latest and greatest in foam sword technology! Check out the video for our newest product!

Dethlehem Comic Book!
BEHOLD! The time has arrived for the great unveiling! We are pleased to introduce the first issue of our comic book series, The Ghorusalem Codex, by offering Portals: Issue #0 for FREE! Quite simply, this is the greatest comic book you will ever read. It is peerless and has no equal. All other comics will seem limp and inferior compared to our mighty wordsmithing and doodle-drawing! Download here!

Super Secret Teaser for ???
What's that? Yes. It's a teaser for... something. Take a guess, aye?

Animation & Gaming Ohio!
April 6, we will join our brethren in PowerGlove to slay the beasts of Cincinnati at Animation & Gaming Ohio! As an added bonus to the glorious eventide, we shall be making an important Dethlehem related announcement that will be sure to bring pleasure to thine eyes! Stay tuned, lords and ladies!

Dethlehem in the studio/Booking for 2013!
Hails lords and ladies! We are in the middle of pre-production for our 3rd album, which is shaping up to be a glorious adventure! However, in this process, we want to stay battle-ready, so we shall be booking shows in the region starting in April. If you would like to see us in your city, please let us know on our Facebook page!

Dethlehem join the legendary Green Jell├┐ in battle!
On November 24, we will have the great honor of playing with legendary rockers, Green Jell├┐! The battle will take place in Lakewood, OH (near Cleveland) at The Foundry. Tickets are available through the venue!

Dethlehem appearing with Bam Margera!
On November 16, we will be doing a live performance for Concert Chaos Entertainment's 7 Year Anniversary Party. This event will be hosted by Bam Margera and Brandon Novak! Also joining us will be Arcane Haven, The Failsafe, Athens, Chain the Scylla, Liotta, We Must Save the Princess, and more! The battleground named for this epic occasion is The Ironworks in Pittsburgh, PA.

Facebook Event

Tickets can be purchased through SHOWCLIX!

Epica cancels some support bands on US tour
Unfortunately, Epica has decided to remove all support bands for their North American shows except for Alestorm, Insomnium, and SYSTEM DIVIDE. Due to this decision, Dethlehem will NOT be playing this Saturday, Nov 3, at ALTAR BAR. We've been promoting this show for weeks, and we apologize for those who were excited to see us. If you need a ticket refund, please get in touch with us, but we highly encourage you to attend and support the bands that are still playing.

Dethlehem on Terrestrial radio! 105.9 The X
The Dethlehem caravan made a stop at the studios for 105.9 The X. You can catch the video from the interview below!

Dethle-Scribes cast lvl 23 website!
Hails everyone! Welcome to the new Dethlehem webpage! Over the next few weeks, we will be employing more powerful spells to make the site even better! Until then, explore around and let us know what thou thinketh of our new home!

Dethle-Stickers are now in stock!
Each sticker adds +5 CHA modifier! To receive a complimentary sticker, simply purchase a ticket to our upcoming show at STAGE AE!

Headlining Rocktober Fest @ Iselin Ball Field - Oct 5
We'll be rolling NAT 20s on Oct 5 in Saltsburg, PA! This battle is an outdoor event. After the show, everyone is invited to set up camp and drink ale with us! Details HERE

Opening support for Epica, Alestorm, and Insomnium @ Altar Bar! - Nov 3
We will be joining our allies, Alestorm, in battle once again at The Altar Bar in Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday, November 3rd. Tickets will be available soon at our online MERCH STORE.

Headlining show @ Stage AE - 9/29
Dethlehem will be headlining the Pittsburgh Scene 2 Year Anniversary Show at Stage AE on Saturday, September 29th. Tickets are just $8! We accept your gold online on our MERCH STORE.